Worship Arts Opportunities at FBC Gallatin

Sanctuary Blended Worship style led by Celebration Choir, Orchestra, and Rhythm Section,
offered at 8:30AM  in the Sanctuary.

The Gathering Contemporary Worship  o
ffered at 11:00AM, in the Sanctuary.


The Celebration Choir leads our praise and worship through music on Sunday mornings, aiding to draw the church family into the presence of God.
Beyond leading Sunday morning worship, they bless us year round through special worship experiences during the year, such as Christmas, Easter and July 4th.
Come be a part of this wonderful worship ministry, just come to the choir room on Wednesday nights. No auditions, just a place for you to join us.
If interested, please email  or call the church office.


The Orchestra helps lead our Sunday worship services.  This ministry is made up of instrumentalists (woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, and rhythm section) of many ages, abilities, and professional backgrounds.  But what brings us together is our worship of Jesus Christ. It unifies us, encourages us in our diversity, and transforms us into a single unit that is able to accomplish what none of us could do individually!
Rehearsals are usually scheduled for Sunday afternoon  2:00 – 3:00.
If interested, please email or call the church office.


The FILO team is comprised of dedicated technicians that coordinate their schedules to operate sound, lights, and video for regular worship services and special events.  As one of the most rewarding, and least noticed ministries, this is a great way to serve the church in the worship arts program if you do not sing or play an instrument.  Training is available for any position interested. No experience necessary!  Email Adam Bush for more information.